In Our Neighborhood

In Our Neighborhood…

It’s important to us to find ways to actively love our neighbors in our host community. The Oakley neighborhood is a diverse mix of people of various socio-economic levels – from the homeless to the affluent; there are longtime residents and new young couples and families. We are grateful to be present in this setting. Below are some of the ways we are serving:

Community Meal

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, from 5-7pm, we host and serve our Community Meal. The meal is open to all in the community and is a way for us to eat together with neighbors. Both words of Community Meal are an important part of how we experience the time. Along with preparing and serving good food, we also celebrate birthdays and mark significant passings. We also develop friendships and keep in touch with the lives of neighbors.  Click HERE for current menu.

Find-A-Way events

We relate with the Find-A-Way home for independent living located near our church building. Along with seeing people regularly at Community Meal, we have summer and Christmas parties at Find-A-Way that involve good food and games.

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