Committees and Volunteers

These are just a few ways to get involved at Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship!

Everyone at CMF has the opportunity to serve in our community.
We have many committees that address needs of the church and volunteers who offer their time and talents throughout the year in various capacities.
Every summer, leading up to the end of our fiscal year [September 30], CMF Council begins to make recommendations for opening positions.  Council Representatives will approach the recommended congregants, secure their commitment, and fill the committees to capacity.  Likewise, volunteer commitments to the Time and Talents list will be requested of the congregation.  At our Annual Congregational Meeting held at the end of September, both the Committee Slate and the Time and Talents list will be shared and then affirmed by all present.    Listed below are our current committees, coordinator positions, and volunteer opportunities being utilized.  You may click on any name in green for more information.

Central District Conference Delegates
Children’s Circle Coordinator
Christian Formation Committee
Church Historian
Community Meal (ad hoc)
Everence Advocate
Facilities Committee
Finance Committee
Hospitality Coordinator
Landscaping Committee (ad hoc)
Meal Planning Committee
Mennonite Arts Weekend Committee (ad hoc)
Nursery Coordinator
Peace, Justice, Outreach and Service Committee
Safe Sanctuary Committee
Social Committee
Spiritual Leadership Team
Student Mutual Aid Committee
Worship Committee

Ten Thousand Villages Store Board (from CMF)
Time and Talents Volunteer Opportunities (self explanatory postings listed)

Central District Conference Delegate

Each member congregation is invited to send at least two delegates and congregations with more than 30 members/active participants are invited to send one delegate for every thirty members or fraction thereof.

CDC Delegate expectations and congregational expectations for the delegate can be found HERE.

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Children’s Circle Coordinator

Provides leadership for Children’s Circle(CC), coordinates volunteers to lead CC, and manages the CC space and materials. (2 yr term)

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Christian Formation Committee

Purpose: To provide leadership and coordination for the formation programs of the congregation and encourage the development and deepening of spiritual life for all.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Formation Hour (Sunday School)
  • Decide age groupings for children and youth classes.  Recruit teachers and helpers for each class as needed.
  • Plan adult class offerings and recruit leaders for these classes.
  • Determine where each class will meet.  Monitor classroom conditions and make recommendations to Facilities Committee as required.
  • Review curriculum materials from MennoMedia and other sources.  Make recommendations for materials.  Order materials as needed.
  • Stay in communication with each teacher about the progress and status of each class.
  • Acknowledge and thank class teachers and leaders at the end of the year (May/June).

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Church Historian

Purpose: Build and maintain records for historical purposes for CMF.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recommend and establish records system.
  • Ensure that information is accurate and correct.
  • Retain permanent records in church office files.
  • Provide occasional reports / updates to the congregation.
  • Two year term, renewable

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Community Meal Committee (ad hoc)

Community Meal is organized by an ad hoc committee that sets the menu, coordinates food purchases and donations, schedules volunteers, and oversees preparation through clean up for Community Meals. Committee members serve a renewable two-year term.

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Purpose:  To provide administrative leadership for the CMF faith community.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide overall administrative leadership and coordination for the congregation.
  • Work with the fellowship to determine policies, activities, staffing (paid and unpaid), budget, etc.
  • Seek out individuals as needed to fill staffing vacancies (with the exception of the pastor).
  • Conduct annual performance reviews of each employee and resolve personnel issues as needed.
  • Provide for regular review of church employee job descriptions.
  • See that policies are properly implemented.
  • Appoint committees as needed and coordinate their activities.
  • Annually fill all intra-church positions by recognizing individuals’ God-given gifts and encouraging service. Appointed positions to be affirmed by the congregation.
  • Establish Pastoral Search Committee when needed to research and interview qualified pastoral candidates.
  • Approve and monitor the budget as prepared by the Finance Committee. The budget is reviewed and affirmed by the congregation.
  • Attend annual retreat for long-range planning.
  • Meet monthly.

Council Chair Responsibilities:

  • Plan agenda, chair, and facilitate Council meetings.
  • Conduct general congregational planning in conjunction with pastor (e.g. annual calendar, committee assignments).
  • Lead and facilitate congregational meetings.
  • Communicate Council’s proposals / actions to the congregation.
  • Be familiar with current and past church policies and decisions.
  • Meet with incoming chair at end of term to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Office Administrator liaison – 6-month evaluation first year, then annually (with Pastor).


  • 5 – 6 persons (including chair), with 3-year staggered terms.
  • Treasurer is also a member.
  • Pastor meets with Council.

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Everence Advocate

Responsible for helping the congregation enjoy the advantage of Everence fraternal ministry programs (i.e. Sharing Fund grants, educational resources and consultants, workshop/seminars, capital ministry). (2 yr term)

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Facilities Committee

Purpose: To ensure the facilities and properties owned by the church are maintained in proper condition.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure proper maintenance of the church building and the properties at 3046 and 3048 Minot.
  • Oversee the weekly cleaning of the church building and the church office (3046 Minot).
  • Arrange for snow & ice removal.
  • Arrange for semi-annual thorough cleaning of the church building and church office.
  • Arrange for lawn, tree, and flower care on church properties.
  • Maintain list of regular tasks to be performed on the properties.
  • Maintain the sound system.
  • Open the church building no later than 9:30am on Sunday morning. Ensure entire building is locked up following Sunday service. Inform the pastor one month in advance of who will be opening / locking up each Sunday.
  • Serve as “landlord” for church rental properties at 3046 and 3048 Minot.
  • Ensure the properties are rented.
  • Serve as primary contact for the tenant.
  • Resolve maintenance issues.

At least 4 members including the chair with 2 year staggered terms.

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Finance Committee

Purpose:  To properly administer and ensure the financial well-being of the congregation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the financial assets of the congregations are handled with integrity.
  • Maintain accurate financial records for the congregation and regularly provide financial reports to Council and to the congregation.
  • Prepare an annual budget and present to Council for approval by the congregation.
  • Annually solicit pledges from the congregation to assist in budget preparation.
  • Provide year-end giving reports.
  • Count offerings after collection and deposit the funds.
  • Ensure that CMF bills are paid on a timely basis.
  • Recommend to Council compensation for paid CMF staff. The Pastoral Salary Guidelines, provided by Mennonite Church-USA, may serve as a reference for pastoral compensation.
  • Meet on a regular basis to review church financial records.


  • At least 3 members with 2-year staggered terms.
  • Treasurer (Chair)
    • Leads Finance Committee
    • Pays all bills and makes other payments on behalf of the church
    • Only one authorized to make electronic payments or enter scheduled payment arrangements for the church
    • Member of Council
    • Record Keeper
    • Maintain current financial records.
    • Provide monthly budget report to the Treasurer, target report completion by the 10th of the month
    • Provide other financial reports as necessary
    • Create giving reports.
    • Lead Offering Coordinator
    • Coordinate counting and depositing offerings.

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Hospitality Coordinator

Purpose: To coordinate meals for CMF members when births, illness requiring outpatient treatment and / or hospitalizations occur.

Key Responsibilities:
Work in cooperation with the pastor to see that meals are furnished in a timely manner for the events listed below.

  • Respond to individual life milestones – e.g. births, adoptions, deaths.
  • Respond to temporary, stressful situations – e.g. illness, surgeries, moves, etc.
  • Suggested Responses: dependent on need
    Births / Adoptions: offer 3 meals or more
    Deaths: offer 3 meals or more
    Prolonged illness or surgery: offer 2-3 meals or more maintain contact with family / individual needs
    Household Moves: offer 1 meal on day of move

Two year term; renewable.

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Landscaping Committee

Formed for functions of:

  • Assessing all church property landscaping and grass for upkeep and improvements.
  • Leading the care for the landscape and grass (except for grass mowing). Landscape Committee members will perform the work needed or call for church volunteers to assist them.

Will have a budget for payment of items needed for upkeep and improvement such as dirt, mulch, plants, weed control.  Payment for these items will be submitted to the CMF Treasurer.

Will have a chair or co chairs to lead in setting up workdays and priorities.  There will be no formal meetings.

Chair or Co Chairs report quarterly to CMF Council

(two year; renewable)

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Purpose:  To provide and maintain entertaining and informational materials about a variety of subjects to congregants.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adds new books to the library list (donated or purchased).
  • Considers new books for purchase.
  • Provides check-out templates.
  • Straightens up the library every few months.
  • If asked, assists committees/teachers in finding CMF library books for projects.

Two year position, renewable.

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Meal Planning Committee

Thanksgiving Dinner:

  • 2 turkeys prepared by committee members
  • Provide sign-up sheets for remaining food 3 Sundays prior to Thanksgiving Sunday. Categories are ham, pies, other desserts, vegetables, potatoes, stuffing, salads, breads – with 3 – 5 persons per category.
  • Committee members responsible for decorating fellowship hall tables.
  • Clean-up following the meal, wash any dishes, utensils, pots, etc. used for preparing and serving. Sweep the floor as needed.
  • Empty trash cans. Put in clean trash bags.

Easter Breakfast:

  • Provide sign-up sheets 3 Sundays in advance. Categories are breakfast casseroles, sweet rolls, coffee cakes, breads, fruit, and fruit juice.
  • Committee members responsible for decorating fellowship hall tables.
  • Clean-up following the meal, wash any dishes, utensils, pots, etc. used for preparing and serving. Sweep the floor as needed.
  • Empty trash cans. Put in clean trash bags.


  • Committee provides entrée
  • Provide sign-up sheets 3 Sundays in advance. Categories are salads, breads/rolls, dessert.
  • Committee members responsible for decorating fellowship hall tables.
  • Clean-up following the meal, wash any dishes, utensils, pots, etc. used for preparing and serving. Sweep the floor as needed.
  • Empty trash cans. Put in clean trash bags.

Funeral luncheons: Plan in cooperation with the Hospitality Coordinator. Determine in conjunction with the pastor when it’s needed.

  • Set up 4 – 6 tables in the fellowship hall prior to Sunday worship. Cover tables for tables cloths for special events.
  • Provide drinks (water and / or lemonade)
  • Set out table service
  • Clean-up following the meal, wash any dishes, utensils, pots, etc. used for preparing and serving. Sweep the floor as needed.
  • Empty trash cans. Put in clean trash bags.

Meal Planning Committee coordinates for special events as requested by the Pastor or church Council (Baptism Sunday, etc.)

4 members including the chair with 2 year staggered terms.

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Mennonite Arts Weekend Planning Committee (ad hoc)

Mennonite Arts Weekend (MAW), an intentional congregational effort of CMF, is an adjunct committee, organized and run independently of CMF. The committee communicates regular reports to Council through a MAW-Council liaison, and operates with the direct support and volunteer efforts of the congregation.

Nursery Coordinator

Purpose: Ensure the church nursery is properly organized and staffed for Sunday morning worship.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruit volunteers to staff nursery on Sunday mornings. Utilize annual “Time and Talents” survey as available.
  • Prepare and distribute quarterly Nursery schedule.
  • Regularly clean nursery toys and blankets, using a rotating schedule, e.g. stuffed animals one week, blankets one week, etc. Stuffed animals and blankets may be washed in a washing machine on “gentle cycle.” Use a solution of 1/4 cup bleach in a gallon of warm water to wipe toys and books covers. Check books for torn pages, etc. and repair as needed.
  • Clean furniture and large toys quarterly, including Port-a-Crib.
  • Dispose of broken, unsafe toys as necessary.
  • Ensure adequate supply of plastic bags for soiled diapers.
  • Straighten and organize nursery following Sunday activities. Empty trash as needed.
  • Communicate suggestions and safety concerns to Council for appropriate follow-up.

(2 year term)

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Peace, Justice, Outreach, and Service Committee

Purposes: To provide leadership and coordination for local and global outreach activities of CMF; to inform the congregation of and lead the congregation in peace and justice issues

Key Responsibilities – Outreach:

  • Provide overall leadership for CMF involvement with:
  • Oakley Christians United – active participation with this local ecumenical group in Oakley
  • Community Meal – on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month.
  • Oakley Food Pantry – a member of the Outreach Committee serves of the Food Pantry Board and periodically delivers food from CMF to the Pantry.
  • People Working Cooperatively – assist with organizing volunteers for PWC work days.
  • Miscellaneous one-time projects: e.g. MCC kits, school supplies for neighborhood, schools, etc., in coordination with the MCC congregational representative.
  • Engage children and students in the outreach activities of CMF.

Key Responsibilities – Peace and Justice:

  • Receive and disseminate information from the wider church and other religious groups.
  • Organize and carry out actions in which the congregation chooses to participate.
  • Solicit other members to assist in these programs and missions.
  • Attend peace conferences.
  • Maintain a bulletin board for posting materials relating to peace and justice.

At least 4 members, including chair, with 2-year staggered terms.

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Safe Sanctuary Committee

Committee Structure and Operation:

4-member committee

The chair of the committee – to be the Plan administrator. – three year term

Current CMF Council member – to be responsible for background checks. – one year term

Christian Education Committee member – to be responsible for coordinating educational opportunities. -two year term

Records custodian – to be responsible for the filing and the maintaining of all confidential records. – three-year term

The responsibilities of the Safe Sanctuary Committee would most likely include:

  • Reviewing the current Plan periodically and implementing needed modifications to the Plan, engaging the congregation as needed in the process
  • Educating the congregation about the Plan and providing copies of the Plan to members
  • Consulting as a committee and with the congregation to help interpret the Safe Sanctuary Plan as unique situations arise
  • Managing a Safe Sanctuary Committee implementation budget
  • Screening for workers and volunteers
  • Orientation and training for workers
  • Helping implement the two-adult rule
  • Maintaining orientation and educational materials about abuse in the church library for families and workers
  • Overseeing the reporting of an incident of child sexual abuse to the state of Ohio and overseeing a church response to any such report
  • Filing and securing until disposal all paperwork related to the implementation of the Plan: background checks; signed worker forms; and reports and records related to an incident (including but not limited to incidence reports; incident meeting notes/correspondence; instructions from Law Enforcement/ Children’s Services; insurance claims records and correspondence; and litigation files and associated documents and correspondence) See Appendix 9.1 of the Safe Sanctuary Plan.

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Social Committee

Purpose: To provide leadership and coordination for social activities for the congregation.

Key Responsibilities:

Plan at least 4 social events annually for CMF.

Christmas Party:

  • 2nd Friday in December
  • Everyone brings a snack
  • Each committee member brings two 2-liter drinks.
  • White elephant gift exchange
  • Those with elementary and pre-school age children bring age appropriate gifts.

Weddings: Have cake & punch between Sunday School and worship.

Farewell Events: Plan farewells for families moving from Cincinnati and present gift ($30) – optional.

New Births: Have shower for baby (1st child only). If no shower is given, provide light refreshments between Sunday School and Worship. Provide a gift for baby.

Mennonite Arts Weekend: Coordinate refreshments with MAW Committee for Friday night. (???)

Embrace and encourage students and new attendees to attend social functions.

4 members including the chair with 2 year staggered terms.

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Spiritual Leadership Team

Purpose: The Spiritual Leadership Team tends to the overall spiritual health of the congregation.

Key Responsibilities:

Personal Spiritual and Leadership Development

  • Support each other in own spiritual journeys.
  • Occasionally attend appropriate workshops for ministry training.

Pastoral Care

  • Be aware of pastoral care needs within the congregation and discuss as appropriate.
  • If certain concerns stretch beyond pastor’s availability, either provide care or see that care is provided in some way.
  • Be a first point of contact for congregational needs when pastor is out of town or on vacation.
  • Maintain confidentiality with concerns entrusted to group.
  • Pray together for the congregation, pastor and pastor’s family.
  • Oversee distribution of the Love Fund.
  • Note visitors who have filled out cards and decide appropriate response.
  • Work with Hospitality Coordinator(s) response (see Hospitality Coordinator).
  • Organize care packages for college students
  • Help pastor connect with particular resources outside this group that can be helpful for particular issues.
  • Be prepared to give feedback or input on other areas raised by pastor.


  • The group will be composed of three people (not including the pastor) with each gender represented.
  • The team will be chaired by the senior member.

Frequency of Meeting, Term of Service:

  • Meet once every 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Three year staggered terms

SLT Birth or Adoption Response

SLT response to a couple or individual CMF member experiencing a birth or adoption.

SLT role:
The Sunday following the birth or adoption (or when the family or individual is at church next), purchase a red or yellow rose to place on the front table in the sanctuary, inform the worship leader to announce the reason for the rose and also inform the church secretary to put a notice in the church bulletin if one has not already been posted. After the service give the rose to the family or individual. Also be in communication with the Hospitality Coordinator(s).

SLT Grieving Response

SLT response to an individual CMF member or family experiencing a death of a significant loved one.

Pastor’s role:

  • Initial contact with the individual / family related to immediate needs such as
    being present with them at the hospital, nursing home or home at the time of death.
  • Contact with individual / family related to funeral planning.
  • Contact to determine if any assistance is needed with meals, etc.
  • Send Special Care Series booklets at 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 11 months
    after the funeral
  • Provide communication link between grieving individual / family and entire

SLT role:

  • If indicated after discussion at SLT meeting, ask individual if they would like to process their loss and grieving with an ad hoc group.
  • Be prepared to suggest community support groups for grieving if needed or requested.
  • At time of one year anniversary of the death, ask individual if they would like to share about the death of their loved one with the CMF community.
  • The Sunday following the death (or when the individual is at church next), purchase a white rose to place on the front table in the sanctuary. A card or note may be attached to the rose to express sympathy. Inform the worship leader to announce the reason for the white rose and also inform the church secretary to put a notice in the church bulletin that week. After the service give the rose to the family or individual. Also be in communication with the Hospitality Coordinator(s).

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Student Mutual Aid Committee

The general objectives of the SMAC are:

  • To assist Members and Affiliates in their educational pursuits.
  • To support Mennonite colleges and seminaries.
  • To provide opportunities for contributing toward financing the education of Members and Affiliates and to coordinate the giving and spending of funds in such a manner as to make the most efficient use of contributions in support of all of the listed objectives.
  • To provide an additional opportunity for Members and Affiliates to interact with the broader Mennonite Church USA and other members of the denomination.

(2 yr term)

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Worship Committee

Purpose:  To provide overall leadership and planning, in conjunction with the pastor, for Sunday morning worship services.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work cooperatively with the pastor to reflect on and plan worship, as an integral part of the spiritual life of the congregation, which welcomes, engages, empowers and enriches all who attend worship.
  • Schedule worship leaders, music leaders, story tellers, scripture readers, special musicians, etc. for Sunday morning worship.
  • Assist the pastor to coordinate the logistics of each worship service.
  • Actively participate in Sunday morning worship and actively encourage new attendees to join in.
  • Planning healing services.
  • Make non-permanent changes to the worship space, e.g. banners, seasonal themes, etc.
  • Meet on a regular basis to conduct planning (generally every 4 – 6 weeks).


At least 4 members including the chair, with 2-year staggered terms.

Pastor is also a member.

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