The congregational meeting that was originally scheduled for this Sunday, May 21 to make a decision regarding joining the Cincinnati Sanctuary Congregation Coalition as a solidarity congregation has been postponed. Feedback that we have received this week indicates that there is further communal discussion and discernment that needs to take place prior to making a consensus-based decision. A date for the next congregational meeting will be announced shortly. Inherent in the consensus process is a shared commitment to listening and speaking in community as we discern together. Everyone who is able is urged to attend conversations, particularly those who have concerns or reservations and have not yet voiced those. If you have questions about our consensus process or about the Sanctuary Congregation Coalition, please contact a member of Council (Naomi G, Mary S, Carol M, Nathan W, Steve H). Questions specifically about the coalition may also be addressed to the working group (Steve H, Clair H, Renee Kanagy). Marvin R-M is also a member of both groups, but is currently unavailable as he is bicycling across the country. Thank you.  

Naomi G, CMF Council Chair