CMF Kitchen Guidelines for Usage

of the kitchen

The CMF kitchen is available for all to use.

Please help keep the kitchen clean & organized by following these guidelines.


  1. All dishes must be washed using the posted protocol:

• soapy water, sanitizer, rinse water

2.  If using the dishwasher, please start the cycle before leaving.

3.  Soap and sanitizer can be found in the cabinets above the dishwasher.

4.  The island and other counters should be free of personal items.
The counters are for food prep purposes only.
(Note: purses & other personal items can be placed in the classroom next to the kitchen.

5.  Confirm that ovens are turned off.

6.  Wipe and sanitize the counters with sanitizer spray.

7.  Empty trash cans; take trash to the cans located outside the side entrance
(at the top of the stairs, next to the building).

8.  Coffee Clean Up

•Return creamer to the refrigerator.

•Unplug coffee machine, turn off warmers, dispose of coffee grounds

•Rinse, dry, and reassemble coffee urns
(each urn is numbered & all parts have the same number).

9.  Roaster Clean Up

•Wash, dry, and reassemble roasters, and return to the shelf.

•Each roaster is numbered & all parts have the same number.

•Wipe outside of roaster base.

10.  All used dish cloths, rags, and towels need to be taken home to be laundered.
Please return them to their proper place in the cabinet as soon as possible.


Thank You!