Library check out policy

1. FILL OUT A CIRCULATION NOTEBOOK ENTRY for each book you are checking out. The circulation notebook is on the small table.

a. The checkout period is 2 WEEKS with one renewal. If you
want to renew the book at the end of 2 weeks, please cross
out the first due date in the circulation notebook and write in
a new date for two weeks later.

b. For the time being, we will not charge any overdue fines.
Please be conscientious about returning the books on time
so that others may also have access to the books.
3. WRITE THE DUE DATE on the DATE DUE label inside each book.
If you would like a book that someone else has checked out, particularly if the book is overdue, feel free to tell that person that you would like to check out that book. This can also serve as a reminder that the book is overdue!! There are 3 x 5 cards in a box beside the circulation notebook that you can use to write a note to the other person and put it in their church mail folder.