CMF Announcement Sumbission

Use this form to submit your announcements to the CMF office. You have the option of writing your own announcement (please aim for something under about 200 words so that there will be room for everyone’s announcements), or filling out some basic information about that the CMF office can use to create a generic announcement. The generic announcement form is optimized for announcing events; please use the “Write your own announcement” form for all other types of announcements. The deadline for Tuesday Tidings announcements is 1:00pm on Tuesday; the deadline for the bulletin is 11:00am on Friday. Changes to these deadlines will be announced in the bulletin and the Tuesday Tidings.


Please indicate when and for how long you would like your announcement to run.


To reach the greatest number of people, it is recommended that you run your announcement in both the Tuesday Tidings and the bulletin, and that you stand up and highlight your announcement during announcement time on Sunday mornings.


Thank you for your involvement here at CMF!

Write your own announcement

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The form of the generic announcement will be similar to the following:

[Who] is hosting/organizing [What] on [Date] from/at [Time] at/in [Where]. [How this is connected to CMF/Why CMF should know about this]. [Additional information/instructions].

Fill out the form below to have the CMF office write your announcement.

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