From Cincinnati to Charleston, WV

On June 14, CMF’s Clair Hochstetler drove one of three carloads of people with the Ohio Poor People’s Campaign from Cincinnati to West Virginia for the “Moral March on Manchin.”

Photo: “What we taped to and signed on his office door on June 14 at the end of our Moral March on Manchin. Apparently it had its intended effect because after that he issued a compromise regarding the ‘For the People Act’ which the Democratic party actually got behind!” (Clair Hochstetler)

For those interested, HERE is a link to an hour-long recording Clair made of speakers at the “very inspirational and impassioned rally held prior to the march on Manchin’s office” in Charleston, WV.  “I turned on the recorder just after Dr. William Barber introduced himself.” (Dr. Barber is co-leader of the National Poor People’s Campaign and the first speaker that day)