Worship Committee Resources

This section has been developed to help committee members and others interested in
developing worship services.  Resources will be updated periodically.
Additional suggestions for inclusion need to be sent to the office.  Thank you.

For committee members:  please remember to give credit for any images, music, or stories used (mentioned in the bulletin as a footnote or bulletin blurb, depending on the situation).

In regards to worship visuals:  It is suggested to put a picture on the wall some weeks – if not done for the whole service; for a specific reason such as a prayer, beginning, parts of the service, sermon.
Please contact volunteers for visuals (including bulletin covers) as soon as possible to give participants the maximum amount of time possible to develop the creations that support your theme.

Respecting Music Copyright:
Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship has purchased a reprint license from OneLicense. This license allows us to legally reprint music for congregational singing and ensures that copyright holders are fairly compensated for their works. When a music leader wants to pick out a a song to be distributed as an insert and they have an original they would like the office to copy, they should go to www.onelicense.net and search for that song in the database. If they find the text and tune pairing that matches the music they have, we can legally print as many copies as we need. The music leader then needs to provide a digital or print version of the music to the office so that the office assistant can make copies. The office assistant will take care of indicating that CMF has permission to reprint the music, and will go into the OneLicense database and report how many copies CMF made so that authors and composers are compensated fairly for their work. If a work is not listed on OneLicense, the music leader will have to solicit written permission to reprint the music from the copyright holder(s) themselves and send a copy to the office. If an artist has granted blanket permission for the use of their work (perhaps in a statement on their website), the music leader can submit that to the office. If the music is not listed in the OneLicense database and the music leader is unable to obtain permission from the copyright holder(s), we cannot legally reproduce the desired music for congregational singing. Occasionally, a music leader may find that OneLicense has a digital copy of the music available on their website. In cases like this, they simply need to inform the office that their selection is available for download from OneLicense, and the office assistant can pull a digital copy from the internet and print it.

Wide range of links to worship resources organized by RCL and narrative lectionary (as listed below).

Equipping people to tell biblical stories by heart and Jesus’ ways of peace.
Lectionary based readings of Gospels in story telling layout.
Images of each lectionary story from the Gospels.
Commentary on Gospels from a lens of peace.
Teaching tools for telling (verses) reading biblical story.

Kansas Mennonite Pastor Joanna Harder’s blogs:
Searchable by scripture and theme.

Canadian Mennonite Pastor and Professor of Worship Carol Penner’s blog:
Searchable by scripture and theme.

Worship and Children blog by Carolyn Brown
Searchable by scripture and theme.
Focus: inter-generational worship which intentionally includes God’s people of all ages in a single service.  This lectionary blog offers ideas about ways to read scripture in the sanctuary so that children understand it, scripts for prayers and liturgy that draw children as well as adults into worship, plans for folding worship education (for all ages) into the worship service, and essays about how children understand and participate in worship and sacraments.

Narrative Lectionary Facebook group
Request to join the group.
Postings include some worship resources among conversation about sermon writing.

Peace Sunday worship resource archives.

Mennonite World Conference worship resource current and achieve.

Liturgical season reflections with poetry, visual art, and short essays.
Lectionary commentary with a bent to artistry and social justice.
SALT’s semi-regular (and almost always interesting!) blog focuses on our recent creative endeavors; thoughts about life, love, and spirituality; a poem or two; and how we keep finding beauty and grace in the most unexpected places.

Re-worship blog.
Searchable by scripture and theme

Prayer and Politiks
Searchable policies and litanies

Hosting conversations of faith including news, commentary, and prayers

A number of pronunciation guides are available online.

For generations, the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge has been an enduring cross-reference resource for Bible students worldwide. This highly respected and nearly exhaustive compilation of cross-references was developed by R.A. Torrey from references in the Rev. Thomas Scott’s Commentary and the Comprehensive Bible. With nearly 500,000 cross-references it is the most thorough source available.

Comprehensive website for research: passage lookup, keyword search, multiple versions, topical index, side by side comparisons, and more.

The text this week* = resources for all occasions

worship resources: some free material/more for a membership