Peace House Guidelines for Usage

Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship
House Usage Guidelines
for 3046 Minot (offices and meeting room)

To arrange to use the meeting room at a time when the pastor or office assistant will not be present, please contact the the church office about signing out a key. A copy of these guidelines will be given with the key.

Heat/air conditioning: The thermostat is located in administrator’s office, by the fire extinguisher. When house is in use, heat may be turned up to a comfortable temperature. When locking up, please set thermostat to 60°, if heat is on; turn to “off” if air conditioning was used.

Kitchen (including appliances, plates, utensils, etc.) may be used. Please make sure that it is cleaned up and returned to the condition it was in prior to use (dishes washed and put away, trash emptied and placed in trash can beside house, etc.)

If a snack or meal is served, please make sure that all crumbs are swept up. A broom and dustpan are kept in the closet beside the bathroom.

Tables and chairs may be rearranged to fit your needs. There are 4 small tables and 23 chairs (eight around the tables and fifteen against the wall by the fireplace). Please return the tables and chairs to their original arrangement. (They are generally arranged with all 4 tables together to form one large area, with 6-8 chairs set up.)

If the copier is used, make sure the power energy saver button is pushed before the group departs.

If you need to check the CMF calendar for available dates, it is the black, spiral bound calendar on the office assistant’s desk.

The office computer may not be used without prior permission from the pastor or office assistant.

Please remember that the office assistant’s desk is their personal workspace. If you borrow something from her desk, please return it or replace it promptly.

Extra Supplies:
Toilet paper and paper towels are located in the closet beside the bathroom.
Cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink.
Garbage bags are kept inside the individual cans for quick access.
Copier paper is on the bookshelf located on the credenza.

Lock-up checklist
– Check that kitchen has been cleaned and trash emptied.
– Check that tables and chairs are returned to original arrangement.
– Check that all crumbs have been swept off the table and floor.
– Make sure copier is turned to energy saver.
– Turn down heat/air conditioning.
– Make sure porch light is on, and all other lights are off.
– Leave key on the office assistant’s desk.