December 23, 2018

Mothers of God

Passage: Luke 1:26–56

On the last Sunday of Advent, Pastor Renee acknowledges the ways that we of the Christian faith have cut Mary's microphone, censoring her voice. She challenges us to amplify Mary's voice, and the voices of others on the margins.

For us, Advent is a time of waiting and expecting. But whatever the wise men, the shepherds, Joseph, and Mary were expecting, it probably wasn’t the strange visitations that would alter their lives and the world.

This Advent, we’re following their stories as Christ is revealed to the world. We invite you to continue as “People on the Move,” preparing to answer God’s individual and collective calls, however surprising they may be, with a similarly reckless yes.

Our journey into Advent this year moves from the outside inward.

Week one is geopolitical: the wise men’s searching leads to Jesus and King Herod.
Week two enters local politics: the shepherds follow a vision of angels and abandon their sheep.
Week three is interpersonal: Joseph accepts the social stigma of a pregnant fiancee.
Week four is internal: Mary embodies a reckless yes

From our worship coordinator for Advent, Nathan Swartzendruber

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