July 14, 2019

Psalm 19

Passage: Psalm 19

We continued our Psalm series this week with Psalm 19. Our service included a reading of David Rosenberg's version of the psalm from A Poet's Bible. Audio from this service is not available online.

The universe unfolds
the vision within:

stars and galaxies
the words and lines
inspired with a hand

day comes to us
with color and shape
and night listens

and what is heard
breaks through deep silence
of infinite space

The rays come to us
like words
come to everyone

human on earth
we are the subjects
of light

A community
as it hears
the right words

creating time
the space of the sky
the face of the nearest star

that beats like a heart
in the tent where it sleeps
near the earth every night

then rises above the horizon
growing in our awareness
of the embrace

of inspiration
we feel as we turn
toward the warmth

starting at the edge of the sky
to come over us
like a secret love we wait for

love we can’t hide
our deepest self-image

nobody holds back that fire
or closes the door
of time

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