Weekly Announcements

Week of August 2-August 8, 2021

Joys, Concerns & Prayer Requests ~ Aug. 1, 2021

Prayer requests:

Heidi asked for prayers for her father’s side of the family. Her father’s siblings have been estranged from Heidi’s father for a half a decade.  Heidi and her father recently organized a reunion and the only sister contacted one of the brothers who surprised everyone and came.  What a JOY! Heidi is deeply grateful for this move toward forgiveness and healing. Prayers for families in turmoil and uncertainty.

Heidi also asked for prayers for husband Joe and Joe’s father who is ailing. Joe will be moving his parents’ belongings from St Louis to their new home in Oklahoma this weekend. Prayers for safe travels and smooth adjustments in new surroundings.

Joe Luken’s mother is 95 and moved in to assisted living a few months ago. The move has been difficult for his mother and she has had difficulty accepting the changes and becomes upset and out of sorts easily. Joe and his siblings are trying to comfort and reassure her as best they can.  Prayers for the elderly in flux and their families.

Ed Diller shared that Rebecca Cahill, a friend of the Sugarcreek church, was recently given permission to receive a new trail drug for treating her ovarian cancer. Now, the hospital is refusing to administer it for at least 4 months. Rebecca has a feeding tube and her intestines are full of tumors… four months will be too late. Rebecca, her husband, sisters and parents have experienced unfathomable emotional trauma over many, many months. Prayers for Rebecca, her family and all families facing terminal illnesses.

Clair Hosteler was asked to attend a rally in DC on Monday for the The National Poor Peoples Campaign. The group will be protesting (voting rights, filibuster, and minimum wage) in front of the DC Union Terminal Building. They know ahead that they will be taken to jail for a short time. Clair needs our prayers and support as he and one other person will be actively representing the Cincinnati area. Prayers for Clair and all of those involved in this important  endeavor. Prayers for the poor and those who are feeling ignored.

Carol Monson woke up this morning with the realization that many people will be receiving eviction notices…today ends the Eviction Moratorium. Prayers for the homeless.

Prayers of Joy:

Joy Miller shared that her brother-in-law Steve, has received the wonderful news that after receiving treatment  for bladder cancer, the latest tests show that his bladder is clean and clear! Praise the Lord for healing and good health.

Anne Hevener shared that after an eye opening year in PULSE, daughter Caroline has accepted a job in Pittsburg as a classroom aide. Caroline has appreciated all of the support she received from CMF folks during her year with PULSE. Prayers for our “20 somethings” that are searching for meaningful careers.

Anne also shared that Keith was traveling this weekend with Eliza for her sophomore year of college at Bryn Mawr. Prayers for returning students of all ages!

Karen D. for SLT

MCC School Kits

It’s August already and time to collect donations for supplies for MCC School Kits. This video lists the items needed and the recommended number of each. Remember: if you and /or your children want to purchase supplies and make a kit, each school kit MUST contain only the exact number of items recommended (i.e., # of pencils or types of notebooks, etc.) or they can’t be used.

To donate money to purchase supplies, please make checks out to “CMF” and put “MCC School Kits” in the memo line; if you make an electronic donation, designate it as “School Kits.” We will be collecting donations (or completed school kits) through the end of August. If you have questions, please contact Heidi Simones at:hasimones@gmail.com

Thank you!

More from Heidi Simones re MCC School Kits

Last year, thanks to your generosity, Wyatt was able to make 157 kits before he ran out of cloth bags! This year, a woman at the Bluffton Ten Thousand Villages store has graciously offered to make cloth bags for us.

Regarding the announcement in the Tuesday email last week about dropping off or mailing completed MCC Sewing kits to Kidron or Goshen, I can help with that. I am a cheaper and easier option, as there is an MCC Drop-off station outside Pandora, OH, where I am from, and where I go to visit my folks at least once/ month. If you make a kit, contact me and I’ll take it to the Pandora collection location.

Ladies Night Out

Thanks to all the CMF women who were able to attend our successful outing last week!

Our next evening out will be THURSDAY, August 26, at 6:30pm. At Allison Moll’s recommendation, we will meet at Mesa Loca (2645 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208) for outdoor dining on the patio.  Check out the Mesa Loca Menu!

Please RSVP to Allison by Tuesday, August 24. allisonmoll5@gmail.com